China's cosmetic surgery industry needs tighter regulations
Updated 22:22, 03-Feb-2019
By Yang Tiantian

China's cosmetic surgery industry has experienced a massive boom in recent years. But industry regulations are still to catch up with the pace of the market growth.  And calls for tighter regulations have been rising amid a series of botched up surgeries.

A woman in Wuhan City, central China's Hubei Province, is left with a lopsided mouth for ten months after a bad plastic surgery. The woman surnamed Guo underwent a jaw reshaping surgery in March last year, but just three days after the surgery she was horrified to wake up with disfigured lips. 

According to Guo, the doctors assured that her condition would improve in two months. But ten months on, she has experienced no change. 

After consulting with multiple doctors, Guo found out that her condition was due to a nerve injury and is beyond repair. 

However, the hospital did offer to refund the surgery fee which is roughly 5,000 U.S. dollars and pay an additional 700 U.S. dollars in compensation, which Guo has refused to accept. 

She is just one of the many cosmetic surgery victims fighting for their legal rights.

Industry experts say that China's cosmetic surgery industry is still in an early stage and sometimes problems aggravate due to customers' high expectations.