Getting a taste of the world at the CIIE
Updated 22:14, 11-Nov-2018
By Zhang Xiaohe
Freshly cooked steak, milk tea, all flavors of tasty ice cream, sliced Spanish ham, and a flowing chocolate fountain. These are some of the delicious delights that exhibitors at the China International Import Expo’s Food and Agricultural Products pavilion are offering to visitors, buyers and media in Shanghai. 
China's food imports have grown rapidly in recent years. In 2016, total food imports reached 50 billion US dollars. In a display of how important food is to the CIIE, the event is hosting food and agricultural products in two massive pavilions. Only high-end intelligent equipment and consumer goods have received the same treatment. 
Beyond providing a platform for food and agricultural products from around the world, the CIIE is also working with Chinese e-commerce companies to help small and medium-sized businesses sell directly to Chinese consumers. 
Some foreign food companies don't have physical stores in China, but they have their own digital spaces, such as official online Taobao stores. That's why exhibitors prominently feature QR codes, allowing visitors to scan and access their Taobao stores. The CIIE has seen long queues of people scanning the QR codes in exchange for a food freebie. 
Check out the video yourself to see the delicacies the CIIE is bringing to China.

(Videographer: Zhang Xiaohe; Video Editor: Qi Jianqiang)