Khartoum condemns US decision to extend national emergency with respect to Sudan
Updated 10:37, 07-Nov-2018
Sudan on Saturday condemned a US decision to extend the "national emergency with respect to Sudan," describing Washington's stance as "contradicting."
US President Donald Trump last Thursday issued an executive order extending the national emergency concerning Sudan, which the US administration imposed on Sudan in 1997.
The executive order claimed that Sudan was still posing an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States.
"The move is not consistent with the spirit of the standing constructive cooperation between the two countries," Sudan's foreign ministry said in a statement Saturday.
"It is regrettable that the state of emergency has been extended at a time when the cooperation efforts between the two countries continue, and the dialogue between them progresses to advanced stages," the statement added.
The ministry further reiterated Sudan's commitment to live up to its responsibilities towards regional and international peace.
The ministry urged the US to fulfill the cooperation commitments agreed on by the two countries and respect the principles of the international law.
(Top photo: Sudanese Foreign Minister Al-Dierdiry Ahmed attends the Sudan-Egypt joint ministerial committee in Khartoum, October 24, 2018. /VCG Photo )
Source(s): Xinhua News Agency