Conservative lawmakers allowed 'free vote' on Brexit options - UK lawmakers
Conservative lawmakers will be able to vote with their consciences, a so-called free vote, when considering alternative Brexit options later on Wednesday, two politicians said.
Two Conservative lawmakers, Kevin Hollinrake and James Cartlidge, said on Twitter that Prime Minister Theresa May's parliamentary enforcers, or whips, had said they can have a free vote. 
Cartlidge added that May's cabinet team of top ministers would abstain on the different options. 
In the meantime, Britain's opposition Labour Party said it will back Brexit proposals including keeping the country in the European Union's customs union and a new referendum when lawmakers vote alternatives to May's divorce deal on Wednesday.
A spokesman for the party said Labour will back two motions that support Britain participating in a post-Brexit customs union with the EU, another which backs a confirmatory public vote to approve any final Brexit deal, and its own proposed Brexit deal.
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Source(s): Reuters