"Art in Action" concert features elementary students from Xiong'an
Updated 20:24, 11-Jan-2019
By Ding Siyue
A concert was held in Beijing featuring many noted artists including pianist Lang Lang, violinist Lao Li and dancer Qiu Siting, but they are not the stars of the show. That honor went to a group of elementary school students from the Xiong'an New District.
At the opening of the concert, Lang Lang and Liu Nian, a primary school student from Xiong'an, played a stunning four-handed song. For violinist Lao Li's performance, three choirs from Xiong'an sang several famous Chinese folk songs. Ballet dancer Qiu Siting and the children of the Xiong'an Duancun School Ballet Club performed "Swan" together. 
A girl is singing. /Photo provided to CGTN

A girl is singing. /Photo provided to CGTN

In November 2017, Tencent teamed up with the Hefeng Art Foundation to launch the “Art in Action” project, which focuses on popularizing arts education for rural children. It involves more than 10 state-level art colleges and art groups such as the Central Conservatory of Music and the China Symphony Orchestra jointly exploring solutions of “Internet + Art Education”.
"Arts education has an unparalleled advantage over traditional education in improving the basic qualities of rural children. Our foundation has been focusing on rural art education and advocating the use of art to overcome poverty. We hope that we can help them broaden their horizons and shape their confidence,” said Li Feng, founder of the Hefeng Art Foundation. 
In the summer of 2018, “Art in Action” provided art and music courses to some 700 teachers in Xiong'an New District. Afterwards, the teachers returned to school to form a variety of art clubs for their students. Choral singing, ballet, African drums and many more clubs opened new doors for the children. 
The “Art in Action” project will continue to cultivate children's interests in art by combining AI technology with high-quality art content in a fun and interactive way, letting rural students immerse themselves in an atmosphere of culture.
Little dancers. /Photo provided to CGTN

Little dancers. /Photo provided to CGTN