CGTN, Fox anchors hold discussion on China-U.S. trade issues
For the first time ever, journalists from China and the United States took part in a televised head-to-head on Thursday.
CGTN anchor Liu Xin and Fox Business Network host Trish Regan talked trade, tariffs and technology transfer among other hot button issues between China and the United States in a live discussion broadcast on the American business news channel. 
"I am not a member of the Communist Party of China. I am here to speak for myself, as a journalist working for CGTN," Liu said as the discussion started.
She made the remark in response to Regan's statement that she herself was not speaking for the Trump administration while Liu is a member of the Communist Party of China.
As trade talks between the top two economic powers stall and Washington targets Chinese tech firms, bilateral tensions have steadily risen in recent weeks. The highly-anticipated faceoff tackled some of the most contentious points between China and the United States, including IPR protection and the Huawei case.
FBN Photo

FBN Photo

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Behind the scenes

Stakes were high and a global media buzz added to the hype in the lead-up to the live show. But what did Liu think of the discussion after history was made?
Following the Fox discussion, Liu Xin joined her CGTN colleagues to speak about her experience and what was going behind the scenes.
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“I tried my best to make myself clear, to make my sentences short, to reach out to her, to answer Trish's questions in an honest measure,” Liu told CGTN's Zou Yun.
“We need to be honest, because then that's the only way we can move forward. So I didn't go in with a confrontational mood,” she added.
She said the questions were not as sharp as she had expected, but stressed that Regan was fair and friendly during the conversation.

How did it all start?

Regan last week took to Twitter to call for "an HONEST debate on trade" with China's "state TV" after Liu criticized a recent commentary of hers on the U.S.-China trade war for being based on "emotion and accusation" rather than substance.
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Liu decided to take on the challenge by appearing on Regan's show live – as a guest.