International Food Festival heats up in Chengdu
Updated 19:01, 28-Dec-2018
By Zhang Mengyuan
Visitors can enjoy delicious food in China's "Panda Capital" in Sichuan province during the Christmas and New Year season due to the ongoing 15th International Food Festival of Chengdu and 2018 Hotpot Culture Month in the southwestern Chinese city.
The food festival in Chengdu this year focuses on the global catering industry. It aims to further shape Chengdu as an international food industry pacesetter and build a world-class food industry ecosystem.
Chefs from 18 countries and regions showcase their representative creations while food brands from all around Sichuan also bring local cuisine to food connoisseurs. There is a wide range of distinctive Chengdu food such as “pork lungs in chili sauce" and the world-famous "spicy hotpot."
Sichuan cuisine ranks top among the "Eight Cuisines" of China. And Chengdu is where Sichuan cuisine originated and continues to develop. Early in 2010, Chengdu was rated a "City of Gastronomy" by UNESCO, the first Asian city to receive such an honor. There are currently over 100,000 catering shops in the city. Last year, Chengdu's catering industry made nearly 80 billion yuan in sales revenue.
The International Food Festival will last till January 10.