Innovative exhibition of traditional Chinese crafts opens in London
An exhibition of traditional crafts of China's Zhejiang Province opened in London's Asia House Wednesday, fusing traditional Chinese art with the power of innovation.
Organized by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the exhibition is part of the fifth London Crafts Week and will last for four days.
According to the organizer, the exhibition is based on the design and interpretation of five traditional materials, namely bamboo, wood, silk, copper and China. The aims are deepening understanding of the local culture of eastern China's Zhejiang Province in Britain and Europe, and encouraging an exchange of creative and cultural ideas.
A traditional ceramic technique in China. /VCG Photo

A traditional ceramic technique in China. /VCG Photo

A fashion show is also staged at Asia House on Wednesday night, showing the audience the beauty of Chinese clothing techniques.
The clothes worn by the models have combined traditional Chinese elements with modern fashion trends. Redefining the charm of traditional Chinese costumes, and integrating traditional art into modern life, they have won warm applause from the audience.
Wang Shenghong, the designer of the show, said he believes art and culture is unbounded because of the Internet. "I feel that the Chinese and Western cultures will gradually merge in the future, and the integration will become more and more exciting, and more and more comfortable to all people," he said.
The wood-carving decorations on the door of an old building. /VCG Photo

The wood-carving decorations on the door of an old building. /VCG Photo

After watching the exhibition and show, Irish architect and designer Angela Brady told Xinhua she loves the designs and thinks the color is of the artistry and fashion. "I think it's quite unique and special and that's what makes this Chinese but also international and appeals people like me," she said.
Brady said collaboration between China and Ireland could be achieved through art and design craft. "I've worked in China as an architect on projects there, and I've worked with Chinese people. And I can see we can come together in a very companionable way and I see this now through design craft."
The fifth London Craft Week opened Wednesday in London, ushering in a five-day celebration of global creativity. More than 240 makers, designers, brands, artists and galleries from 15 countries participated in the event, offering the public a packed program of exhibitions, hands-on workshops, talks, creative experiences and one-off events.
(Cover: A traditional embroidery technique in China. /VCG Photo)
Source(s): Xinhua News Agency