Wuzhen shares its traditions with tourists during Chinese New Year
Updated 22:21, 05-Feb-2019
By Qi Jie
In east China's Zhejiang Province, the popular water town of Wuzhen is hosting various activities to give tourists a rich cultural experience during the festive season.
"Fu", "Lu", and "Shou" are literally translated as the three Gods of Fortune, Prosperity, and Longevity, and actors wearing doll hoods representing Fu, Lu and Shou walked through the lanes in the water town and had fun with tourists.
"It's good to have these dolls hanging around – very festive – and it fits the charm of a place with lots of water," said one tourist.
While on the water, a New Year's boat was coming slowly. Dressed in a traditional Tang suit, a staff member from Wuzhen bowed and gave New Year blessings to tourists on the bank. 
Worshiping the God of the Year on the eve of the Spring Festival is a very special custom that has been passed down through the generations in Wuzhen. It includes a prayer for peace and stability for people, as well as prosperity for the whole world.