Palace Museum, Bank of China to cooperate on cultural development

The Palace Museum will work with the Bank of China (BOC) to promote Chinese culture, after a strategic cooperation agreement was signed between the two sides on March 4.

Director of Palace Museum Shan Jixiang, Deputy director Li Xiaocheng, President of Bank of China Chen Siqing, and Executive Vice President Lin Jingzhen attended the ceremony.

According to the agreement, the two sides will work for a long-term and stable partnership in various areas including conservation of cultural heritage of the museum, financial services for the institution and individuals, the exploitation, development, and sales of cultural products, and co-marketing.

With a broad international network and a large number of partners abroad, the BOC promised to cooperate with the museum in cultural exchange projects for promoting Chinese culture and the museum.

A corner at the Palace Museum /VCG Photo

A corner at the Palace Museum /VCG Photo

Unlike many financial event, the announcement of cooperation of the two didn't put much emphasis on finance. Chen Siqing said, "The strategic cooperation today is not talking about money, but about the heritage and communication of culture, and how to support the culture of Palace Museum spread in China and at the world stage."

Shan Jixiang said in recent years the Palace Museum has tried many models to promote its culture. By those cross-border cooperation and innovation, the ancient Palace Museum could create more popular products in a modern context.

The cooperation would bring better service and products to the public, he said.

(With inputs from Xinhua)

(Top Photo: Director of Palace Museum Shan Jixiang (1st, L), Deputy director of Palace Museum Li Xiaocheng (2nd, L), Executive Vice President of Bank of China Lin Jingzhen (2nd, R), President of Bank of China Chen Siqing (1st, R), attend the agreement-signing ceremony for the cooperation of the two sides in Beijing, March 4, 2019. /VCG Photo)