Reviving an old sport: Fur skiing in NW China's Xinjiang

Nine herders in the Altay Mountains took an 11 day trip on fur skis from Baihaba Village, Habahe County, Xinjiang, through the Altay Mountains to their final destination at the General Mountain Ski Resort.

The total length of the trip was more than 300 kilometers, and one-third of the route was a no man's land of glaciers and deep valleys.

Winter view of Hemu Village in Xinjiang /VCG Photo

Winter view of Hemu Village in Xinjiang /VCG Photo

The fur skis were made of pine and the coat of a horse, and the equipment features only one snow stick, cut from birch.

Fur skis have evolved from traditional hunting tools to sports equipment, and are popular with tourists, but their origin can be traced back 12,000 years.

In Altay, Xinjiang, skiing events featuring both fur and modern skis are held every year.

(Cover: Namujeli, 13, skis home in Altay Mountains in Khom Village of Altay, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, China. /VCG Photo)

Source(s): China Daily