27th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Festival takes place in Foshan
Updated 19:14, 12-Nov-2018
By Ding Siyue
The 27th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival is taking place in Southern China's Kung Fu town Foshan in Guangdong Province.
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up, this year's Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival is focusing on the path followed by China's industry over the past four decades.
Professionals of past generations will attend to present some of their old works to the public once more, alongside the 38 new domestic movies from this year.
Poster for "Detective Chinatown 2" /VCG Photo

Poster for "Detective Chinatown 2" /VCG Photo

"An old film I directed in 1992 is also being exhibited this time, because it featured how local private businesses emerged during the first decade of reform and opening-up. I have to pay my tribute to the people of Foshan," said Director Zhang Liang.
And of course, as Foshan is one of the birthplaces of Wushu, or Chinese Kung Fu, the martial art is an important part of the festival. Chinese Kung Fu star Wu Jing has been appointed the ambassador for this event.
Poster for "Hold Your Hands" /VCG Photo

Poster for "Hold Your Hands" /VCG Photo

Wu said, "I'm not gonna brag about my Kung Fu skills here, cause I might get beaten up the minute I walk out of my room... I saw many of my excellent colleagues bring their works here. I hope people in the industry could work harder and provide the audience with better films."
The nominations are no surprises. "Soulmate", "Operation Red Sea", "The Founding of An Army", "Wolf Warriors 2" and "Detective Chinatown 2" - all hotly debated productions - are up for best movie. 
Ma Sichun, Zhou Dongyu and three others will be contesting for the best actress award, while the competition for best actor is among five big names, including Wu Jing, Zhang Hanyu and Liu Haoran.
Poster for "Soulmate" /VCG Photo

Poster for "Soulmate" /VCG Photo

Hong Kong director Dante Lam is nominated twice for the Best Director award, for both 'Operation Red Sea' and 'Operation Mekong'.
The four-day festival will end on Saturday night, with the 34th Popular Movies Hundred Flowers Awards ceremony. The winners will be selected by a group of a hundred and one selected viewers. 
(Cover: Wu Jing is appointed as the ambassador for the event. /VCG Photo)