Opinion: Poverty reduction means providing opportunities and hope
Updated 21:41, 05-Nov-2018
CGTN's Dialogue
“Just relying on agricultural sector is not easy for most people to solve the problem of poverty. Therefore, job issue is very critical for those people who live in poverty. By industrialization and urbanization, a lot of people could have job opportunities in urban areas, especially in the SMEs, so they can have higher income than agricultural sector. Therefore, poverty reduction is more and more popular,” said Professor Zhang Jianping, director general at the Center for Regional Economic Cooperation, China's Ministry of Commerce.
Another importance of poverty reduction is to meet the basic need of feeling safe.
Einar Tangen, a current affairs commentator, said that the primary duty of government is to allow you to be safe in your home, in your schools, public places and places of worship. If the society fails that, the government has failed.
“Within the society, you have to offer opportunities. There has to be some movement. It cannot be a stagnate society where your children and grandchildren designated to follow [in] your footsteps since there is no other way. Poverty reduction is all about providing opportunities and hope. Linking societies together and giving people a reason to believe in their country. Providing safety is a priority, otherwise, the society will break down,” added Einar Tange.
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