My vlog: Tour inside Beijing’s new airport, potentially the world’s biggest
Updated 16:57, 13-Mar-2019
By Li Jingjing

If Beijing is among your frequent travel destinations, you definitely understand the frustration of long-time queueing, delaying, and taxiing.

The existing Beijing Capital International Airport is already pretty massive, and the rising number of passengers makes it the world's second busiest airport.

However, this situation will soon be altered as a massive brand new airport, Daxing International Airport, will be open up later this year. 

A few days ago, I joined a special tour into this much-anticipated airport with other media peers to take a look at the inside of the terminal.

Allow me to be your tour guide to the airport!

CGTN Photo

CGTN Photo

Rising from the farmland in the far south of Beijing, the Daxing International Airport has a long-term goal of accommodating more than 100 million passengers every year, 4 million tons of goods and 880,000 take-offs and landings. 

It is also located at a crucial place that connects the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, and Xiong'an New Area, which aims to boost the joint development of the whole area.

The main terminal, which many referred to as a “star fish”  based on its shape, covers about 700,000 square meters.

Although a massive airport like this does look very impressive, I believe frequently fliers will have similar concerns about its size. Will I need to run a marathon to reach my boarding gate?

As a frequent flier myself, I feel your pain. I still get lost at the Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital Airport looking for my boarding gate even though it's my habitual departure airport.

It seems, however, that won't be the case in this new airport.

The construction team promised it will be a passenger friendly airport. 

CGTN Photo

CGTN Photo

Because of the star-shaped design, it’s only 600 meters from the center of the terminal to the remotest boarding gate, taking no more than 8 minutes.

Moreover, it will be more than an airport, it'll be a comprehensive transportation hub as high-speed railways, subways, and downtown-airport shuttle buses will connect it with surrounding regions.

The construction officially started in December 2014. With over four years of construction, this massive infrastructure will be completed by June 30, and will officially begin operating on September 30, a day before the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. 

When it's open, it'll be the largest airport terminal in the world and also the first one to have a high-speed rail running beneath it. 

During the ongoing "Two Sessions," the director of Civil Aviation Administration of China, Feng Zhenglin confirmed to the media that all facilities of the airport meet the conditions for operation, and promised it'll be a "safe, smart, green and cultural airport" when it officially opened to the world. 

After this sneak peek of the airport, I really can't wait for the opening of it to see how it will make my life, and the life of so many others living in the region, much easier.

Reporter: Li Jingjing

Filmed by: Huang Yichang

Video edited by: Li Jingjing, Wang Baozhu

Article written by: Li Jingjing

Cover photo designer: Du Chenxin