Animation: How does a bill become law during the NPC?
By Zhou Jingnan

The Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) has just started in Beijing. 

The agenda includes the delivery of work reports and over 10 press conferences by government bodies, but an arrangement that has really caught the eyes is the deliberation of the draft foreign investment law, a key legislative effort to facilitate China's opening-up policy.

Deliberating and approving draft laws is one of the main responsibilities of the NPC deputies, as the National People's Congress is China's top legislative body. 

However, most of the laws at the national level are usually passed between the NPC sessions by the NPC standing committee, since the annual NPC session only lasts about 10 days – a period not long enough to process all the draft bills.

Therefore, only draft bills of the utmost significance make their way to the NPC annual session. 

Here is how a draft bill becomes law during the NPC annual session. 


(Animation designed by Pan Yufei)