Xu Can aims to keep WBA featherweight belt at home
Updated 17:38, 31-Jan-2019
Sports Scene
China's youngest world boxing champion, Xu Can, said he wants to defend his title at home in front of his own people. The 24-year-old defeated defending featherweight champion Jesus Rojas of Puerto Rico via unanimous decision on January 26 in Houston, Texas, to became the first Asian to win the WBA featherweight title in five years. 
In a press conference held at Beijing's M23 Boxing Club on Wednesday, Xu still had bruising around his left eye, but said it wouldn't affect his training. 
"Our preparations before the fight were more than sufficient. I know how he boxes, so things were mostly under my control, and I still had quite a lot of energy at the end,” Xu told reporters.
Six boxers from China have fought for world titles in the past, with only Xiong Zhaozhong and Zou Shiming succeeding. As the third world champion from China, Xu is the only boxer who took the belt from a defending champion, while Xiong and Zou both won their belts from vacant titles.   
“If Rojas wants to fight again, I am willing to defend my title against him, because I've defeated him once, and I think I can do it again,” Xu said in the press conference.   
According to WBA rules, Xu has to defend his title in six months, and this time he wants to fight in front of Chinese fans. “I have realized my dream by winning this belt. I brought it home from America, and I hope to keep it here in front of my own people."   
Born in Jiangxi Province, the 24-year-old started his professional boxing training at the age of 16, and prior to Saturday's bout, had a record of 15 wins, including two knockouts and two defeats.