Endangered Mongolian khulans reappear in NW China
A number of Mongolian khulans have been spotted at the northern desert in Qitai County, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It is listed as nearly endangered species by the IUCN.
The Mongolian khulan, also known as Mongolian wild ass, is endangered due to human poaching and deteriorating environmental conditions. 
The flocks of khulans are very alert and hard to approach. A local ranger found the flocks were foraging when he was patrolling the area. Most of them were adult assess and in good health condition. 
The Mongolian khulans are running. /VCG Photo

The Mongolian khulans are running. /VCG Photo

This herbivorous mammal mainly distributes in Mongolia, China, Iran, Australia and some other countries. They like to live in groups and feed on grass, trees, shrubs in the desert-steppe, semi-desert and deserts habitats.
In recent years, Qitai County has made great efforts to improve the living environment for wild animals by smashing poaching of wild animals, adding places of drinking water and so forth. In addition, many other wild animal species including Siberian ibex and Argali sheep have also frequently appeared in the area.