CPPCC member: Chinese enterprises contribute to Africa's development
Updated 17:24, 06-Mar-2019

Chinese enterprises have contributed to the development of African countries in the fields of job creation, cultural exchanges and development mentality, said Nan Cunhui, a member of the Standing Committee and Economic Committee of the CPPCC National Committee, at a press conference in response to a question from CGTN reporter Uche Okoronkwo about the role of Chinese companies in Africa on Wednesday.  

Nan said there are more than 10,000 Chinese enterprises in Africa, many of which are from the private sector, working in multiple fields such as infrastructure construction.

"Africa is a key part of China's Belt and Road Initiative," the CPPCC member stressed. 

Chinese companies have been working on localization in Africa, including training local talent, he said.

And China expects local governments to further improve the business environment, such as facilitating procedures of investment and visa application, lifting foreign exchange control, offering preferential tax policy for foreign investors and implementing consistent government policies.