Rose: The elegant convenience of modern floral decoration
In ancient Greece, I was closely associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. I am one of the favorite flowers of all the interior floral decorators. And now, not only can you easily find me in any florist's, and I am everywhere thanks to the development of interior floral decoration.
That's right, I'm a rose.
Cultivating flowers used to be a difficult technique. But as soon as they saw the beauty of the flower, the question hit everyone's lips: “How can I keep this so alive and so nice when I take it home?”
Red red rose. /VCG Photo

Red red rose. /VCG Photo

We all love beautiful things, but taking good care of them seems to be a serious issue due to a lack of spare time.
Things have changed. More and more people realize that proper interior decoration can effectively reduce stress, and as our living quality upgrades, modern floral decoration has become more involved and gone through changes, too.
Products and solutions like soilless cultivation and automatic irrigation have helped greatly. Preserved fresh flowers satisfy the demands of high-quality life, and package flower delivering service and floral training have become much more popular.
An interior decoration. /VCG Photo

An interior decoration. /VCG Photo

Restaurants and book stores are joining hands with floral art to create new business, opening a new chapter for the flower industry. Every corner of our life today can be decorated with flowers.
Interior floral decoration breaks the boundary of seasons and climates. You can see fresh flowers and plants anywhere and anytime. There is no such thing as distance between us. Will you take me home when we meet again?
(Cover image by Yin Yatin)