VOXPOP: How will you sum up your 2018 with one word?
Updated 17:36, 03-Jan-2019
By Li Jingjing, Huang Chenchen and Zhang Wanbao
It has been a year full of political twists, farewells to legendary people, and also a year full of hidden voices being heard, and wind of hope swiping through the globe. Dozens of Chinese characters compete to be the one character that describes what dominated the news and public attention throughout the year.
For most people, the end of the year is a time of reflection. Leaving world events behind, what have you learned from 2018? Is it a year you'll remember or desperately need to forget? Our reporters took to the streets of Beijing to challenge people to reflect on their year and describe it in one word. 
Turns out many gave us pretty shocking and insightful answers. Stay tuned to CGTN and the people who shared their interesting stories with us.
Director: Li Jingjing, Zhang Wanbao and Huang Chenchen
Reporter: Li Jingjing
Editor: Huang Chenchen
Filmed by: Zhang Wanbao
Article Written by: Li Jingjing, Huang Chenchen
Designer: Li Jingjie
Copy Editor: Bertram Niles
Producer: Wen Yaru
Chief Editor: Xu Jian
Supervisor: Pang Xinhua