The APEC Leaders’ Family Photo: Is it the real fashion show?
Updated 13:55, 19-Nov-2018
By She Jingwei
A long-standing tradition for the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting is that every year, at the end of the meeting, the leaders in attendance would dress in the unique costumes of the host country and gather together for a family photo.
As a significant way to reflect the culture of the host country, this tradition shows the bloc's unity and interprets the great spirit of the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting. However, the suits are not always popular with the public and sometimes make a buzz online for unexpected reasons. Let's take a glimpse of the APEC "family photos" over the past years through the video.
While the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting offers a platform for world leaders to come together and discuss major international issues, it also gives us a chance to see how the leaders look when they wear the special outfits. However, the truth is that whether this kind of outfits is trendy or a tragedy depends on personal style.
This year is the turn of Papua New Guinea's traditional costume! According to an official responsible for the event, this year's outfits will be a great surprise to the public as it will probably contain traditional patterns and reflect the national culture. This year's APEC Leaders' Family Photo should be interesting!