Beijing Expo 2019: Diverse regional landscapes and plants
Updated 19:06, 05-Apr-2019
By Zhang Mengyuan
The 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition, also known as the Beijing Expo, will kick off later this month. The nearly six-month-long event will feature four major pavilions, international exhibits and more than 30 parks by Chinese provinces and regions to showcase their achievements in floriculture.
The Horticultural Life Experience Pavilion is built with a group of open-space buildings, and wheat is planted at the entrance so that visitors can see the crops as they grow. Sixteen buildings connected by lanes show a picture of a village.
"Besides this wheat field, we also have four interesting roof gardens, with the themes of fruits, vegetables, medicine and tea. Through these four traditional Chinese crops, we want to show our agricultural civilization," said Zheng Shiwei, chief designer of the Horticultural Life Experience Pavilion.
In the horticultural exhibition area, parks of Chinese provinces and regions are showing their local flavors. In the Jiangsu park, there are five ginkgo trees that are around 150 years old. The Beijing Park is the largest, with an area of over 5,000 square meters, and features delicate decorations.
"The construction requirements were very demanding. All the white marbles are carved by hand. What flower patterns we use, how many lotus leaves should be engraved on the flower wall, and how many dewdrops there are on the lotus leaves, there are different requirements in the traditional techniques," said Li Xiao, engineer of the Beijing Park.
The square of the expo will also display stones from different regions, while light shows dedicated to the Yangtze River and the Yellow River will be showcased at night.