Dust storm and lightening claim 16 lives in northern India
At least 16 people died in heavy-intensity dust storm and rains, coupled with lightning, that hit some parts of India's northern state Uttar Pradesh on Thursday evening, local media reported on Friday.
Six persons died in Mainpuri district, three in Kasganj and three in Eta districts, and one person died in Agra, Rampur, Badaun and Pilibhit districts, each.
Some of them died in incidents of lightning, while others died from falling trees or walls, said media reports.
Local administrations in each of these districts have announced a compensation of 400,000 Indian rupees (5,700 U.S. dollars) for each of the families whose members died in the inclement weather, the local media Hindustan reported.
A large number of cattle also reportedly died in the storm.
Efforts are being made to assess the loss of life and property in all affected areas.
(Cover photo: A woman makes her way through a bend in a road during a dust-storm that engulfed Jaipur city, India, May 17, 2019. /VCG Photo)
Source(s): Xinhua News Agency