Shanghai's historic town set for a comeback

Luodian, Shanghai's 700-year-old town in the northern Baoshan District, aims to revive its businesses and reclaim its status as a popular historical town.

The town originated in the Yuan Dynasty (1206-1368) and was once the largest and most popular marketplace in the region. It has long been dubbed the "Golden Luodian" in reference to its prosperity. The golden brand gradually faded away under rapid urban development.

"The town aims to restore its historical fame and glory by further optimizing its business environment and offering better services to companies and professionals," said Qu Xinchang, the party secretary of Luodian.

The town announced its plans at a conference with major Luodian-based enterprises on Tuesday.

To achieve the goal, Luodian will further explore its history and tourism resources, develop more ecological tourism events and improve its traffic situation, according to the township government.

A 4.7-square-kilometer region has been planned around Luodian's old town, which has been listed as one of China's historical and cultural towns. Historical structures will be restored to their original form. A tourism center will be developed in the region, highlighting the town's folk, farm and religious culture.

View of Luodian Town in Shanghai. /VCG Photo

View of Luodian Town in Shanghai. /VCG Photo

The area around the Meilan Lake, the city's second largest artificial lake, will feature a Nordic-style recreation town with sports facilities and high-end business and commercial facilities. Quality education and medical resources will be introduced in the region to better serve residents and tourists.

Fujin Industrial Park, covering 2.28 square kilometers, will mainly attract businesses in modern services and senior care. High-end communities and commercial complexes have also been planned around the park.

The vast countryside of the town will develop recreational travel and village tour services. Visitors will be able to enjoy the ecological environment and experience traditional farming.

To improve the traffic conditions in the outlying region, the town will renovate and expand Fuyuan Road this year, a major thoroughfare connecting its industrial park. 

A free bus service will also open soon to shuttle employees between the Meilan Lake Station of metro line 7 station and their companies.

(Cover: Overview of Luodian Town, Baoshan District, Shanghai. /VCG Photo)

Source(s): Shanghai Daily