Japan hottest destination for Chinese mainland tourists during Spring Festival holiday
Updated 12:17, 13-Jan-2019
Japan is the most popular destination for tourists from the Chinese mainland for the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday, according to a report released by online travel agency Lvmama.com. 
Although Japan has begun levying a 1,000 yen (9 U.S. dollars) departure tax on individual travelers departing the country, this new measure has not changed the Chinese travelers' enthusiasm for visiting Japan during the Chinese New Year holiday. 
Tokyo, Ginza, Japan. /VCG Photo

Tokyo, Ginza, Japan. /VCG Photo

So far, Ctrip, a Shanghai-based online travel agency, has received tens of thousands of bookings for its Japan travel products for the Spring Festival break. Compared with last year's Spring Festival, the number of Chinese consumers who chose tailored tours in Japan and the number of Chinese people who applied for Japanese visas have both significantly increased this year.  
Data released by Japanese tourism authorities also showed that from January to November in 2018, 7.78 million travelers from the Chinese mainland have visited Japan, a rise of 14.6 percent year on year. Meanwhile, Chinese mainland travelers accounted for 27.24 percent of the total foreign visitors who visited Japan during the same period, making it the largest tourist source for Japan.
Every year, millions of tourists from all over the world travel to Japan to experience its culture, beautiful scenery, shopping, and tourist attractions. From bustling cities to ancient shrines and temples, tourists visiting Japan have a lot to choose from. 
(Cover: Mount Fuji, Japan. /VCG Photo)