Chinese sports chief: Formalism, desire for quick success hinder soccer development
Li Xiang

Gou Zhongwen, director of the State General Administration of Sports of China named formalism and eagerness for quick success and instant benefits as the obstacles that hindered soccer development in China at the third Ministers' Corridor press briefing of the Two Sessions on Friday.

Gou was attending a plenary meeting of the second session of the 13th NPC at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing before he appeared at the Ministers' Corridor press briefing. Reporters from the Beijing News asked: "The performance of China's national soccer team in recent years was hardly satisfactory. Does that mean there's much said but little done in this area? Is there anything you can share about the coming re-election of the Chinese Football Association (CFA)?"

"The fact that the Chinese soccer development remained slow and unsatisfactory worried us, too, because that means we are not doing our job," answered Gou. 

He pointed out that the State General Administration of Sports failed to put the general plan of reforming and developing Chinese soccer into practice. Meanwhile, formalism and chasing instant success were also found in their work, leading to the disappointment of everyone.

Chinese children play soccer in the youth development program. /VCG Photo

Chinese children play soccer in the youth development program. /VCG Photo

"We must stick to reform in development and regard it as a task for different generations but with the same blueprint." he said. 

Gou made it clear that Chinese soccer development needed to focus on youth development with a long-term goal. There is no room for seeking quick benefits in any of this, especially in solving the inherent defect in youth development.

As for the re-election of the CFA, Gou said that the State General Administration of Sports will follow the general plan and take the responsibilities of supervising and guiding to make sure that the new CFA will be professional, authoritative and representative so it can lead the country's soccer development.