Visitors enjoy winter activities in NW China's Tomur Grand Canyon
Updated 14:48, 15-Jan-2019
Breathtaking winter landscapes have attracted a large number of visitors to the Tomur Grand Canyon of the Tianshan Mountains located in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, with many enjoying a wide range of winter activities. 
Over 400 off-road vehicles gathered in the canyon for a grand meet-up. They snaked their way up to the valley where the ground is covered with ice and stopped to watch their friends attempt daring stunts. 
"Driving in this winter valley, you can see red rocks covered in white snow, it's so beautiful," said a driver. 
Inside the grand valley, tourists who wanted to enjoy a quieter time chose to take a walk through the canyon. 
"The Tomur Grand Valley spans only 70 kilometers but there are seven natural belts along the way. It's definitely marvelous for us to see these natural belts gathered in such a dense space," said Lyu Rujian, a tourist. 
For those who like to stay physically fit, a special canyon marathon race was a perfect pleasure. Runners made their way through the valley while taking in the awe-inspiring sights. 
"It's breathtaking, such a glorious sight. This is what Xinjiang is. I like places that are spacious like this, you can just let your soul run free," said Wu Qisuo, a tourist.