Monodrama deals with women's struggles in romantic relationships
Updated 18:20, 06-Jan-2019
Zhang Ke
A musical comedy called "Queen" has been staged at the Kaixinmahua Magnet Theater in Beijing. Dealing with the theme of love and relationships, the show attracted a packed house.
"Queen" tells the story of a 30-year-old woman named Du Shengnan, as well as her struggles and choices in romantic relationships. 
In the 90-minute monodrama, the actress changes costumes eight times and plays 30 roles. She is also challenged to sing 18 songs. 
Actress Han Jingru says:"This show is a big physical challenge for me. Because I play 30 different roles, and I need to sing a lot in the show. Plus I have a busy schedule. So every time after the show I feel exhausted." 
The show was presented by Kaixinmahua, an influential theater brand in the country. 
A post for "Queen". /Photo courtesy of the Kaixinmahua Magnet Theater

A post for "Queen". /Photo courtesy of the Kaixinmahua Magnet Theater

Since its debut in September 2018, the musical has gained ratings of 8.7 points out of 10 on the Douban review site. 
Director Wang Jianhua says its success is owed to the story itself. 
He says:"The show presents Du Shengnan's two relationships – one with her ex-boyfriend, and one with her current boyfriend. It's a story that many people can relate to. And the audience inevitably thinks about their own relationships." 
The show also offers audiences an immersive experience, where the audience may be invited to the stage to act as Du's boyfriend. 
"Queen" will be staged at the Kaixinmahua Magnet Theater throughout the year. 
(Top image: A still from "Queen". /Photo courtesy of the Kaixinmahua Magnet Theater)