It's a hard life for the cabot's tragopan
CGTN Nature's film crew recently captured some‍ cabot's tragopans on camera in southeast China's Wuyi Mountain region.
‍Cabot's tragopan is a type of pheasant that's unique to China, and lives in the forest at an altitude of 800 to 1,400 meters.
The female bird is smaller than the male, and its feathers are not as colorful as their male peers.
Cabot's tragopan is under first-class protection in China. Its scarcity is the result of the harsh conditions in its narrow habitat at high altitudes.
In addition to its goofy and slow reaction when encountering enemies, a low fertility rate and environment degradation also contributed to the population decline.
It usually takes two years for cabot's tragopan chicks to reach maturity.
(Video provided by CGTN Nature's film crew. Cover image obtained from a screenshot of the video.)
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