Icefall graces Mount Yuntai in C China's Henan
Updated 16:03, 21-Jan-2019
The crystal icefall has graced Mount Yuntai in central China's Henan Province, attracting numerous tourists to visit this winter wonderland.
Mount Yuntai, situated in Xiuwu County, is famous for its picturesque, perilous cliffs and peaks. Its main peak stands 1,304 meters above sea level.
The mountain is also home to China's highest waterfall, with a height of 314 meters.
Surrounded by lush forests, deep valleys and a myriad of waterfalls, Mount Yuntai was named a World Geologic Park by UNESCO in 2004.
(Cover: Icefall on Mount Yuntai in central China's Henan Province. /VCG Photo)