Shen Haixiong: Media is duty-bound to provide a healthy environment of public opinion
Updated 20:39, 08-Nov-2018
By Yang Meng
The Hongqiao International Business Media and Think Tank Forum was held Monday at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai. President of China Media Group, Shen Haixiong, pointed out that media is duty-bound to provide a healthy environment of public opinion that seeks agreement while reserving differences.
Shen believed news is always about the present. The fact that the world is paying so much attention to this event and to China's claims shows that support for multilateralism and trade liberalization remains the mainstream voice of the international community. 
"As media, we have the responsibility and obligation to fulfill our mission, which is to firmly advance economic globalization and maintain a fair and open international economic order," said Shen.

Media should be guardians of an open economy

The media should encourage all stakeholders of the world economy to strengthen dialogue and consultation.
Shen said that, “Only by adhering to the global development of joint consultation, joint contribution, and shared benefits can we promote the formation of a more equitable, and reasonable international economic order.”

Media should be the communicator of culture and civilization exchanges

“We are living on the same planet. We are all part of the community of shared future for mankind.” Shen believed that media should spread the ideas of emerging markets and developing countries and provide a platform for exchanges among different cultures and civilizations in the world.

Media should be a beacon for the healthy development of the world economy

Financial media should not only focus on the dynamics of professional economic fields but also pay attention to the political, social, ecological and cultural issues behind economic development.
“Media needs to provide a rational light for the healthy development of the world economy,” Shen said.
Shen concluded his speech by saying that China Media Group (CMG) is ready to shoulder the responsibility with media counterparts around the world to actively defend international justice, spread the voice of justice, and promote multilateral cooperation.
The Hongqiao International Business Media and Think Tank Forum, one of the four major forums held during the China International Import Expo (CIIE), saw about 600 world media and think tank experts gathering to discuss their takes on the event and what it means for a more open global economy.