Nearly 3 bln trips recorded during Spring Festival travel rush

The annual 40 days of travel rush that accompany Spring Festival in China have officially come to a halt after witnessing 2.98 billion passenger trips.

The Ministry of Transport, which announced data related to the seasonal mass migration on Friday, said the whopping number remains unchanged from a year ago.

The travel rush this year saw 410 million railway trips, a 7.4 percent year-on-year increase, while road trips fell 0.8 percent to 2.46 billion.

The number of waterway trips stayed the same as last year at 41 million, while travels by plane were up 12 percent to 73 million, data showed.

CGTN Photo

CGTN Photo

China's ever-sprawling high-speed railway network has been able to support Spring Festival travels, with ten new railway lines put into operation in one week at the end of 2018. A total of 4,100 kilometers of high-speed rail lines were added to the network last year, bringing the operational length of high-speed railways to 29,000 kilometers.

With e-tickets and self-service check-in gates now popularized, passengers could enjoy the self-service check-in in 300 train stations nationwide during the Spring Festival travel rush.

Railway attendants celebrate as the Spring Festival travel rush ends on March 1, 2019. /VCG Photo

Railway attendants celebrate as the Spring Festival travel rush ends on March 1, 2019. /VCG Photo

China's civil aviation authorities launched night flights for the first time during this year's Spring Festival, with 16 airlines arranging 195 domestic passenger flights between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.

According to statistics, the number of outbound tourists during the 2019 Spring Festival reached 6.311 million, an increase of 12.48 percent year-on-year and a new record high.

The Spring Festival travel rush, also known as Chunyun, lasts for 40 days this year, from January 21 to March 1.

(Cover: High-speed trains at the Guangzhou Railway Station. /VCG Photo)