Opinion: EU needs to demonstrate independence from the US
Updated 20:20, 12-Nov-2018
CGTN's World Insight
The inaugural import-themed fair, China International Import Expo (CIIE) came at a time when the twin threats of protectionism and unilateralism are putting a damper on global growth. On the sidelines of the CIIE, CGTN's Tian Wei sat down with former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, who spoke about what Europe should do to adjust to the changing world and what really describes a good deal.
"The main thing for Europe is to show that it is independent," said Villepin, adding that "For a long period of time, Europe was too dependent on the US economy. We need to change the model because the world is changing."
Today, we are facing the reality that the emerging countries are key players of the world economy, so, for Europe, according to Villepin, "Today, we can't trade in the world like before, we have to recognize the changes."
Villepin pointed out that a new player called "fear" is emerging in international relations. "Everybody is fearful of the other, there are mistrust and misunderstanding between them, but if we let fear grow, then there will be more isolation, more protectionism, and we will see more wars, not just trade wars, so the most important thing is to find solutions," he said.
In the last decades, Europe felt nothing is impossible, they promised free trade and a better life for the people of Europe. What they had seen is difficulty in finding jobs, more debt, and more deficits. Europe now is in the moment where it's very important for them to make a revolution.
Villepin also shared his views on the essence and significance of a "good deal". According to him, a good deal is not only a great financial deal, but the one that is going to create jobs. "And a good investment means creating jobs, having a strong vision of the future and sharing this vision on the strategy, '' he added.
He also indicated that a good deal is not only beneficial to one side but also needs to meet the demands of different parties. "A good deal is not only a good deal for you, but a good deal for the guy in front of you, and a good deal for the country in which you are going to invest, this is something that should be learned everywhere. Good money is not fast money; good money is a long-term investment, strong trust, strong links, and win-win strategy," said Villepin.