Taiwan compatriots applaud Xi's speech on national reunification
Updated 14:52, 06-Jan-2019
President Xi Jinping on Wednesday said China must be and will be reunified, as he addressed a gathering in Beijing to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Chinese mainland's Message to Compatriots in Taiwan.
The long-standing political differences cannot be dragged on generation after generation, Xi said, adding that nobody or no party can ever resist the historical trend of a country empowering itself, national rejuvenation and the reunification of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.
Speaking at the Great Hall of the People, Xi also called for joint efforts across the Taiwan Strait to advance peaceful national reunification and his speech has evoked wide repercussions in Taiwan. 

Cross-Strait reunification is necessary and inevitable

Former Kuomintang (KMT) chairwoman Hung Hsiu-chu on Wednesday echoed President Xi Jinping's latest speech saying it made a comprehensive, complete and concrete exposition of the Taiwan issue, and that cross-Strait reunification is necessary and inevitable.
Hung, who is chairwoman of the Taiwan Qingyan Peace Education Foundation, stressed that Taiwan is indispensable for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation adding that Chinese Dream cannot be fulfilled without Taiwan.
The former KMT chairwoman said President Xi's speech was touching and she believed that the mainland and Taiwan should actively strive to continue deepening the 1992 Consensus and to pursue reunification in the future, which is beneficial for both sides.
"All parties and people from all walks of life should sit down and conduct political consultation without losing the mechanism of peaceful negotiation," Hung added.
She also noted Taiwan independence is not feasible and will lead to a dead end.
In spite of great changes taken place in the mainland, the position remains unchanged that reunification will be realized through discussions and negotiations between the two sides, Hung said.
She hoped more explanations could be made on relevant policies so that people in Taiwan can understand the importance and vision of peaceful reunification across the Straits.

President Xi details roadmap of the cross-Strait future 

Observers from the Taiwan region have also welcomed President Xi's detailed roadmap of the two sides' future.
"President Xi's remarks are tantamount to a booster shot for our Taiwan compatriots," said Professor Cheng You-ping of Taipei University. 
"He said the Chinese people won't fight against one another, but Beijing will not promise to rule out the use of military force. It's a clear warning to forces attempting to split China, especially the small number of people advocating 'Taiwan independence'."
Huang Weijun, a Taiwan native now doing business in Fuzhou, eastern Fujian Province, echoed the comment. He added that President Xi's remarks assured his equal rights of doing business in the mainland. 
“President Xi made it clear that force as an option will only target external interference and the few separatists, not those of us who think we are of one family," Huang said. 
"We have come here to start businesses and invest in properties. His message ensures our stability and that our businesses would not be influenced. So I think this is great.”