Before the unveiling: What you need to know about black holes
Updated 16:23, 10-Apr-2019
By Guo Meiping, Gao Yun

After about two years of "printing," the mysterious black hole will finally show its face to human beings.

The first ever images of the black hole will be released simultaneously on April 10 at 21:00 BJT in Shanghai, Taipei, Tokyo, Washington, Brussels and Santiago.

Before the grand unveiling, here are some basics you need to know about black holes:

Designed by Li Yueyun

Designed by Li Yueyun

Speculations over black holes have been around for ages. Studies and researches about these mysterious objects are everywhere on the Internet. 

Before scientists unveil the mask of the first ever image today, let's check out what we've got so far.

CGTN will broadcast the Shanghai event live at 20:40 BJT, please stay tuned. 

(Top image via VCG; Video  by Anosi Wang; CGTN's Pan Zhaoyi also contributed to this story.)