The guards of nature | Episode 5: Tracing the black bears
The size of an Asian black bear translates into a sizable danger to humans – a fully grown beat is twice as big as a human adult. But for the longest time, they've been out of sight, roaming in dense forests and mountainous areas.
As society continues to eat through natural habitats, bears are slowly losing their homes and food sources. Deforestation are exposing these wild creatures, and expanding communities are putting humans right in the the turf of these beasts.
In Tangjiahe National Nature Reserve in Qingchuan County, southwest China's Sichuan Province, black bears have been frequently caught on infrared cameras, wandering away from their ridge areas. This could be a sign that black bears are trying to move towards the valley, close to villages.
In this episode, we unveil a story of survival between black bears and humans.

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