2019 Military World Games: Wuhan introduces new police team for foreign athletes
Wuhan's Public Security Bureau is setting up a brand-new police team to serve the thousands of foreign nationals expected to descend on the city for the 2019 Military World Games this October.
Hu Yiwen, a local policewoman working in the Exit and Entry Administration Department of Wuhan's Public Security Bureau, was appointed to this special branch after being voted one of the city's top 10 performing police officers last month.
Since then, her duties have included writing information and training manuals for police officers in five languages, and opening visa-free passages for foreign athletes at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport.
Hu also gave training to receptionists in hotels assigned for foreign athletes to ensure quality service and accommodation. She also helped set up a coordinated mechanism to provide temporary assistance and medical treatment for foreign visitors.
Hu is just one member of a new police team created to assist the tens of thousands of overseas athletes attending the 7th Military World Games to be held in Wuhan this October.
This all-new team consists of 100 police officers who have mastered more than two languages, and are said to have plenty of experience in dealing with foreign affairs, with some having conducted overseas peacekeeping operations.
Members of this special police team will be easily identifiable by their distinctive blue armbands and are currently in the middle of an 18-week language training course.
According to event organizers, over 10,000 athletes from 105 countries and regions are expected to attend the 2019 Military World Games.
Source(s): Xinhua News Agency