How Chinese people view U.S. travel warning
Updated 18:25, 06-Jun-2019
By Wang Xiying
China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued this week a travel advisory, warning Chinese tourists to fully assess the risks of traveling to the United States. 
Tourists are urged to stay aware of America's public security situation and stay as safe as they can following recent gun violence in the U.S. state of Virginia. CGTN spoke to several people working in Beijing to hear their thoughts on whether the alert will have an impact on them.
Many people told CGTN that the influence of the travel warning would not last long, and the relations between the two countries will be back to normal in one or two years.
Those who have been to the U.S., the travel warning does not seem like a big deal. They said the risks mentioned by our ministry is present anywhere, not only the U.S. Those who have not visited the U.S. are however concerned.
Ding Zhipeng, manager of W.PRIME gym, said his friends had a bad experience going through the customs, and he won't put himself in such a trouble. 
Zhu Yan, who works in a travel company, told CGTN the recent trade war between China and the U.S. had caused a negative effect on the tourism industry, especially for the travel between the two countries. She hoped the two countries could fix the problems wisely.