More countries speak out against U.S.-imposed trade war on China
Liu Jiaxin
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As the Trump administration continues its efforts to limit international involvement of Chinese corporations in high-tech industries, a growing number of countries are speaking out against the U.S.-imposed trade war on China. 
"This type of blocking will also harm American companies, because China is a huge market. I think the trade war will harm both sides. It will have no advantages to anyone," said Anoop Bhattarai, chairman of the Nepal-China Executives Council.
Among the Chinese companies that are being limited by the U.S., Chinese telecom giant Huawei stands out as its 5G technology leads the way among other global players. The good thing is, Huawei may not have known how large its supporter group is until it was forced into these circumstances.
VCG Photo

VCG Photo

"Huawei is the most used cell phone brand in Africa. Now the U.S. is making unilateral moves that harm free trade. We believe Huawei will soon find solutions," said Kalla Ankourao, Niger's Foreign Minister, adding that there are many Chinese companies in Niger that are very "competitive and hard-working."
"They have not only won an increased market share in Niger by dint of their strengths, but also promoted the development of Niger and many other countries in East Africa," Ankourao said.
Alvaro Garcia, director of Uruguayan Office for Planning and Budget, expressed similar views on China-U.S. trade war. "Technology should serve all of humanity. The world needs cooperation, not suspicion and struggle. We want to look forward, not backward."