Kim Jong Un leaves Vladivostok after summit with Putin
Updated 14:33, 26-Apr-2019
Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) leader Kim Jong Un left the Far Eastern Russian city of Vladivostok on Friday after a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin where the two vowed to pursue closer ties.
Kim took part in a departure ceremony at Vladivostok railway station before his train departed around 0530 GMT.
Kim on Friday also appeared for a wreath-laying ceremony at a World War II memorial to Russia's Pacific Fleet in Vladivostok. 
In a black hat and double-breasted overcoat, Kim went up to the wreath briefly, then stepped back and stood with his hat in his hand.
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Kim arrived on Wednesday in the Pacific coast port by train, then met with Putin for five hours on Thursday.
The two men agreed to seek stronger relations between Moscow and Pyongyang and Kim accused Washington of acting in "bad faith" in negotiations over the DPRK's nuclear arsenal. 
Putin left the same day for China and Kim stayed on for a series of cultural events.
(Cover: DPRK leader Kim Jong Un lays a wreath at a World War II memorial to Russia's Pacific Fleet in Vladivostok, Russia's Far East, April 26, 2019. /AFP Photo)
Source(s): AFP