TESTBED2: A new interpretation of Chongqing culture
Updated 20:29, 30-Nov-2018
CGTN's Zhang Meng
How can we tell the world about the local people and the development of Chongqing? CGTN Digital interviewed Alex Zhou, the founder of TESTBED2, an art district in the city, to find out his thoughts on the new Chongqing culture. 
Contemporary art and design is booming in China and it offers great opportunities for the young generation. The city's indigenous culture, as well as the creative industry, has also been carried forward in a different way. Based on an industrial-style design of the Thames riverside in London, UK, the 30,000-square-meter district in Chongqing is dedicated to art, culture and innovation.
“I believe the cultural experiment is worthwhile,” said Zhou. He also shares his ideas on how to define the new, inclusive Chongqing culture. There are over 30 art districts in the city, according to Zhou, not to mention a variety of places to eat, drink, shop and play, but how is Chongqing's new favorite neighborhood different from others? Find out what TESTBED2 is all about in the video.
(Directed by Zhang Meng; Filmed by Shen Hui and Zhang Deng; Video edited by Zhang Meng)