Middle school’s parents’ social credit concern for admission arises debates
A Chinese middle school’s enrollment regulations have caused a controversy on Chinese social media, in which it says candidates can apply for the school on a condition that their parents have no demerit in personal social credit.
The country first introduced the social credit system on public transport since May 1. Anyone that has a demerit in the rating will face restriction on taking trains and flights.
VCG Photo

VCG Photo

Changle No.2 Middle School in Weifang City, east China’s Shandong Province released its admission rules on April 21 for enrollment in the fall semester. It stated that no poor social credit on parents is listed among several hard demands, which are only applied to candidate students from outside of the city.
With the screenshot of the admission requirements circulating on Chinese social media, people have begun to raise their doubts on the school’s enrollment link with social credit while some consent to the requirements.
“Inappropriate. It seems like children have to be responsible for their parents. Apparently, the school prefers candidates whose family has few conflicts and just use this to guarantee the quality of its students. As a school, it shirks its social responsibility only for its interest,” commented @Do_Nice.
“What’s wrong with a private school which has its own regulations?” @-Namehoudenihaome questioned in comments on Weibo.
Photo via Changle No.2 Middle School

Photo via Changle No.2 Middle School

Challenged by the dispute, Meng Weijie, vice president of the school explained to China National Radio (CNR), a state-run radio broadcaster, affirming that the school’s decision is in accord with local policies.
According to a local guideline on punishment, people with poor social credit are restricted to have their children reading at high-priced schools. Another local general regulation of admission to private schools stipulates that private schools should restrain children of parents with bad social credit from applying for private schooling.
A restraint order on persons subject to enforcement issued by the state’s Supreme People’s Court also states that persons subject to law enforcement shall be restrained from high spending till performing obligations.
Meng also emphasized that the school hopes to influence more people on integrity and to build up a credible society.