Paul Pogba: I have no regrets about leaving Juventus for Manchester United
Updated 10:55, 10-Nov-2018
Paul Pogba said Tuesday that he had "no regrets" about leaving Juventus for Manchester United three years ago.
The French World Cup winner was the most expensive player in world football when he joined United for a second time in an 89 million British pounds (116 million US dollars) deal.
"Do I look sad? Obviously I'm happy to wear this shirt. I'm really happy to have come back to Manchester United," Pogba told a press conference ahead of Wednesday's Champions League group game against Juventus in Turin.
"Choosing to come back to United, first of all, was my choice. Juve were playing Champions League and Manchester were playing Europa. I don't regret my choice.
"I know Manchester in the last few years haven't been at the top, but I came back to help the team and get them back to the top."
Pogba's relationship with manager Jose Mourinho has been tense in recent months after he was stripped of captaincy duties.
"It didn't affect me. I'm still playing and really happy to play. The manager is the one who chooses who is going to be captain.
"If he takes the armband away, it doesn't change anything for me. I just want to play, perform and give my best for the team, the fans and the club and that's it. It didn't really touch me or affect me."
And the French player insisted the relationship was "coach-player like everyone."
"He's the manager and I'm the player. I do what he tells me to do. I listen and do it with happiness."
Manchester United's Pogba (L) holds off Juventus' Paulo Dybala during their Champions League clash at Old Trafford, October 23. /VCG Photo

Manchester United's Pogba (L) holds off Juventus' Paulo Dybala during their Champions League clash at Old Trafford, October 23. /VCG Photo

Pogba pointed out that he had won three trophies during his first season back at Old Trafford.
"I think it's gone well. The first season we won three trophies. Second year, we didn't win any trophy, we came second and went to the final of the FA Cup.
"Personally I think it's been good for me, good for the team, obviously we always expect more and better from ourselves but I think we are on the way.
"We always can do better, obviously we want to win trophies, that's for sure.
"This season isn't over yet, so we will see at the end."
Pogba added that Juventus had increased their chances of winning a first European trophy since 1996 by signing Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo.
"I thought it was a great purchase by Juventus to have a top player like Cristiano.
"It's always positive to have him in your team.
"Playing with great players like him, (Lionel) Messi or Neymar is always a pleasure. I think he's happy to be here and I think it's a great thing for Juve to have a player who scores goals like drinking water."
Source(s): AFP