China urges US to prevent strategic misjudgment: Chinese National Defense Ministry
Updated 20:15, 29-Oct-2018
China urges the US to take a just and reasonable attitude to prevent strategic misjudgment, Chinese National Defense Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian said on Thursday, indicating US moves are militarizing the South China Sea. 
The US frequently sends warships and other vessels to the South China Sea, and draws countries outside the area to conduct very targeted military exercises and patrols, Wu said. The spokesperson also noted the US' recent naval operations in the Taiwan Strait. 
China's stances on the South China Sea and Taiwan remain unchanged, Wu said. We hope the US would enhance strategic communication with China and promote strategic mutual trust to steer the China-US relationship onto the right track, Wu added. 
China and ASEAN are conducting their first-ever joint maritime exercises this week. Wu used the opportunity to contrast regional cooperation with persistent US efforts to interfere from afar. 
Wu said the South China Sea situation is going toward a stable and better outcome with efforts from China and ASEAN countries. 
China is willing to work together with the South Pacific island countries to continuously enhance political mutual trust, deepen pragmatic cooperation, and make new contributions to safeguarding world peace and promoting common development, Chinese State Councilor and Defense Minister Wei Fenghe said on Friday.
Wei made the remarks while meeting with several ministers who are attending the eighth Beijing Xiangshan Forum, noting China and the South Pacific countries have a long history of friendship and are getting closer under the framework of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. 
Wu revealed that US Defense Secretary James Mattis again invited Wei to visit the US on Thursday. 
The invitation came while the pair met in Singapore a few days ago on the sidelines of the ASEAN Defense Ministers' Meeting-Plus, Wu said, noting China and the US are working closely on the visit.