Premier Li: Impossible to decouple China and U.S.
Even with some twists and turns, such as trade disputes, the China-U.S relationship, which benefits the two peoples and the world, should go forward, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said at a press conference on Friday morning, in response to questions about the bilateral relationship and its future. 
China-U.S. relations have forged ahead in the past four decades with a great deal accomplished and the underlying trend is for the relations to go forward, Li said, noting that the two sides' shared interests far outweigh their differences. 
Li said the world's two largest economies have become closely entwined, making it "neither realistic nor possible to decouple China and the U.S.”
The two sides have some problems from time to time, especially the trade friction, he said. However, Li expects the ongoing trade talks to generate win-win outcomes that work for both sides and meet the world's expectations.