Pandas and monkeys beat the winter in Central China
Updated 16:44, 27-Feb-2019

Giant pandas and snub-nosed monkeys survived the cold winter and are thriving in Shennongjia National Park in central China's Hubei Province. 

Both the pandas and monkeys enjoy plenty of fresh food, including bamboos and fruits every day. The animal keepers prepared medicine before winter to protect pandas from the cold and constipation. 

The pandas spent the cold winter in healthy conditions under the watchful care of the keepers, who say the pandas all passed a recent health check.

The snub-nosed monkeys in the park are also full of vigor after the winter thanks to the keepers' dilligence. 

"The snub-nosed monkeys spent this winter in good condition. We offered additional food, like sweet potatoes, apples and carrots to them to fuel their bodies and help them get through the cold winter," said a keeper named Xiang Changchun.

(Cover image by CGTN)

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