Boeing to modernize Spain's Chinook heavy-duty helicopter fleet
Updated 15:50, 07-Jan-2019
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Top U.S. aircraft manufacturer Boeing said Thursday it has won an order to upgrade all 17 Spanish CH-47D Chinook helicopters with new features to deliver the power of Spain's Chinook fleet that matches those of other countries.
Boeing said this is the first order from a non-U.S. customer since it signed with the U.S. army in July.
The upgrading contract will add the Spanish heavy-lift helicopters such features as the digital automatic flight control system, common avionics architecture system and advanced cargo handling.
"With this contract, Spain's Chinook crews will enjoy the platform's current technology and capability, while the country gets an affordable upgrade that builds on its existing H-47 investment." said Chuck Dabundo, vice president of Cargo and Utility Helicopters and H-47 program manager.
Once the modernization work is completed, deliveries of the Spanish upgraded helicopters will begin in 2021, Boeing said.
The CH-47F is a twin-engine, tandem rotor, heavy-lift helicopter, which can fly at speeds exceeding 175 miles (about 282 km) per hour and carry payloads greater than 21,000 lbs (about 9,525 kg).
Source(s): Xinhua News Agency