Fans gather to mourn passing of legendary Chinese writer Jin Yong
Updated 18:57, 03-Nov-2018
By Sun Wei
Louis Cha Leung-yung, whose pen name is Jin Yong, has followers across China and beyond, and his loss will be deeply felt. But those who knew him best will remember him for being much more than just a writer.
Carrie Lam, chief executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, expressed her deep regret over the literary giant's death.
Lam said his works inherited the traditions of Chinese classics, with the integration of history and culture, and were very popular among Chinese the world over.
Fans gathered in front of the hospital where Cha passed away on Tuesday night to say their goodbyes.
"We were touring today when we saw the news on social media. The hospital is not far from where we stay. So we came tonight to pay our respects," one fan said.
"For me, the first martial arts TV shows I watched were adapted from works written by Jin Yong. There was no one writing such stories before him. No one has surpassed him so far," another fan added. 
Besides being a distinguished literary writer, Cha was also a prominent figure in many different spheres of life.
An asteroid was even named after him in 2001, while the Jin Yong Gallery in the Hong Kong Heritage Museum was opened last year to showcase his contributions to the city.