China shares its experiences in poverty reduction with African countries
Updated 11:04, 04-Nov-2018
By CGTN's Yang Yutong
The 24th Wanshou Forum, co-chaired by the International Department, CPC Central Committee (IDCPCCC) and Renmin University of China, commenced in Beijing on October 24, 2018.
With the theme, "Targeted Poverty Alleviation and China-Africa Cooperation", the forum attracted some 60 party leaders, scholars and journalists from 12 African countries for in-depth discussions on "poverty reduction experience", "China-Africa cooperation on poverty reduction" and other issues with Chinese representatives.
Qian Hongshan, vice minister of the IDCPCCC, attended the forum and delivered a speech. According to Qian, China is willing to share its programs and experiences in poverty reduction with African countries in a bid to help more African countries eliminate extreme poverty as soon as possible, under the framework of "targeted poverty alleviation". 
Qian Hongshan, vice minister of the IDCPCCC, delivers a speech at the 24th Wanshou Forum. /CGTN Photo

Qian Hongshan, vice minister of the IDCPCCC, delivers a speech at the 24th Wanshou Forum. /CGTN Photo

In recent years, many African countries have made progress in exploring poverty reduction measures suitable for their own countries and regions. "China is also pleased to listen to African countries' views and learn from their experiences," Qian added.
Rogers Mulindwa, the National Resistance Movement spokesman, noted that China has made remarkable achievements in targeted poverty alleviation. Uganda looks forward to more cooperation with China in this area, especially to the introduction of more advanced agricultural technologies.
The Wanshou Forum was initiated by the IDCPCCC in 2016 as an international exchange and dialogue platform for Chinese and foreign political parties and politicians, think tanks, scholars, and representatives of public organizations to engage in frank dialogue on building a new type of South-South cooperation.