Lifetime contribution: China's spangled sci-tech fields
Updated 12:09, 10-Jan-2019
By Pan Zhaoyi
From lunar exploration to rare earth resources, from human settlement to medical health, China has provided the world with crucial scientific and technological breakthroughs.
The country will hold the annual National Science and Technology Award Conference on Tuesday. Last year, Wang Zeshan, "king of gunpowder," and Hou Yunde, "father of China's interferon," were honored for outstanding contributions in their fields.
Here's a look at the winners of the country's highest science and technology awards in the past decade. 
CGTN Infographic by Liu Shaozhen, Qu Bo

CGTN Infographic by Liu Shaozhen, Qu Bo

(CGTN's Gao Yun also contributed to this story; Cover via VCG)